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Welcome to the AIDS 2010 Youth Site!

International AIDS Conferences happen every two years and are the biggest gathering of scientific, community and government leaders, UN agencies, donors and the general public committed to finding solutions to end the pandemic. The next conference will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 18 to 23 July 2010. We expect over 25,000 participants from more than 100 countries around the world to attend the conference. Many of these will hopefully be young people!

Check out the 2010 Commitments

During AIDS2010 in Vienna, our team was on the ground collecting video commitments from delegates, participants and organizations around the world. You can also make your own commitment


Housing for PLWAs…… by 876 on July 23, 2010, 6:01 pm

Housing for PLWAs……

By Tyrone Hall, a Vienna Youth Force Youth Journalist, a Graduate Student at Clark University, USA

The discussion about HIV and AIDS often surrounds prevention despite the acute need for the provision of social services etcetera for those infected and affected by the disease.
Housing Works Inc, the largest non-profit AIDS advocacy organization is changing that pattern. Housing Works Inc which is based in New York seeks to provide comfortable and affordable housing solutions and medical care to PLWAs. The entity reaches more than 1 700 new clients each year and is poised to expand its services by dialoging here at the AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna, Austria.

Unlike most non-profits, Housing Works’ agend..

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Photography as an advocacy tool by aaysel on July 23, 2010, 2:47 pm

Photography as an advocacy tool

closing session at Vienna AIDS 2010 Youth Pavilion held

Different memories, different human destinies, different faces and different stories behind them ……It’s all about photography.

On the last day of International AIDS Conference 2010 Vienna Youth Force held a photography session – a very good opportunity to share best practices and experiences on how photography can be used to spread ideas.

Among the panel speakers were representatives of youth networks such as Y-PEER (, independent photographers and Vienna Youth Force Media and Communications team (

Speaking of photography as a powerful tool to spread advocacy messages, Y-PEER In..

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Party time! by aaysel on July 23, 2010, 2:40 pm

On July 22nd, 2010 youth peer education network - Y-PEER ( – hosted a networking event and party to celebrate the work young people did at International AIDS Conference 2010. The event’s agenda included launching of Y-PEER HIV knowledge applications for phones and live performances from Y-PEER ambassadors Dani, Ana Stanic, Gharby and Hollywood actor Sammy Sheik.

Y-PEER believes that young people are influenced by pop culture and pop culture icons like movie stars, popular bands and singers. As a result, Y-PEER has set a group of celebrities around the globe to help to spread the messages of youth empowerment, healthy lifestyle and responsible behaviour.

Thus, young people had an opportunity to network, socia..

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Knowledge is Key...Know Your Rights! by 876 on July 23, 2010, 10:16 am

Knowledge is Key...Know Your Rights!

By Tyrone Hall, a Vienna Youth Force Youth Journalist and Graduate Student at Clark University, USA

The HIV and AIDS issue is a Human Rights issue. And with every right, there is a responsibility.

Know your universal human rights and demand that they are respected!

You have the right to:
-Political and Civil Rights

These are your rights even if you are a member of a vulnerable population or happen to be a migrant, refugee or an internally displaced person.

The battle for a representative, potent and sustainable youth agenda must have these rights at its core. That battle will only be won if we educate ourselves..

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He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune! by 876 on July 23, 2010, 9:59 am

He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune!

By Tyrone Hall, a Vienna Youth Force Youth Journalist and Graduate Student at Clark University, USA.

Suzette Moses-Burton, Head of CRN Plus, a Caribbean network led by people living with HIV, says the strings attached to funding are hampering a comprehensive and representative response in the Caribbean.

The activist says “funders have asked the organization to change its leadership for the purse strings to be released.” However, Mrs. Moses-Burton is defiant. She says “people living with HIV have the right to self-governance…giving up the right to self-governance will open up a Pandora’s Box.”
She says as far as CRN plus is concerned “there is not much to celebrate. This once v..

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Why do we want young people to attend the conference?

Because we are greatly affected by HIV and AIDS.

Almost half of all new HIV infections in the world are among people under 25! Estimates show that more than 7,400 people become infected with HIV daily, 3,300 of whom are young people. Globally, 5.4 million young people are living with HIV. Young women under age 25 are at an even greater risk for HIV infection and comprise 57.4% of infected youth. Young people remain the group that is most vulnerable to HIV infection due to many factors, including lack of information, education, societal influences, and inability to access healthcare services.

Because we want to mobilize networks of young people worldwide.

AIDS 2010 organizers want young people to be a visible presence at the conference, not only as delegates, but also as organizers, speakers, leaders and peers. Young people will have their own areas at the conference, but will also be encouraged to take part in the larger discussions.

Because we want to empower young people.

Our aim is to advocate for current and critical issues affecting young people worldwide, and further pinpoint current strategies for effective change. Building youth leadership is crucial to an effective AIDS response among young people and by young people, especially for key affected populations. This includes, but is not limited to, young people living with HIV, young people who use drugs, young sex workers, young men who have sex with men, young women and young migrants. We are excited to reach out to young people throughout the world, and to focus specifically on issues in Austria and in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.


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DID you know that everyone can upload information in this field? by olek on June 26, 2010, 4:27 pm

What are you waiting for? posts your pictures, videos and experiences!!

See you in Vienna!

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Press Releases


What is the Vienna YouthForce?

The Vienna YouthForce is a collaboration of various youth-led or youth-serving organizations, currently including: Advocates for Youth, CHOICE, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA), World AIDS Campaign, YouAct, Youth R.I.S.E., the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR) and Y-PEER. The YouthForce organizes the Youth Pre-Conference of the International AIDS Conferences every two years along with other youth-focused activities.

What is the Youth Pre-Conference?

The 2010 Youth Pre-Conference is a 3-day event that aims to provide 300 young delegates with the opportunity to network and connect with their peers prior to AIDS 2010, as well as provide youth attending the conference with technical information and skills for effective participation. The Pre-Conference is organized by the AIDS 2010 Youth Programme and the Vienna YouthForce.

Who is covering the costs of the Youth Pre-Conference?

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is our main sponsor and partner for the Youth Pre-Conference. Other supporters include UNAIDS, UNESCO and aids2031. The registration fee will be used to cover some extra costs associated with organizing the Pre-Conference.

If I'm accepted as a delegate, do I have to pay anything?

Yes, there is a small registration fee. If you come from a developed country* you will be asked to kindly contribute a rate of 20 or 40 Euros according to your ability. If you are from a developing country you can contribute with 20 Euros or, if you cannot afford it, we will waive the fee. With this fee you will be entitled to get 4 nights of accommodation, 3 meals per day during the Pre-Conference and the materials for the event.

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